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Free Crochet Pattern: Bucket Hat for Cats and Small Dogs

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Hello, It's Rachel and Amelia here, and we are sharing our pattern for how to make our bucket hat for cats! This design is pretty simple and straightforward. You can use any yarn you want to customize this hat for YOUR cat! This will fit most cats and some small dogs. You can always adjust the size of the ear holes to make the hat fit any pet.

  • Yarn (Any Color) Light or Medium Weight

  • Corresponding Crochet Hook

  • C: Chain

  • SC: Single Crochet

  • DC: Double Crochet

  • SS: Slip Stitch

  • INC: Increase


Step 1: Top of Hat
  • R1: Make a magic loop, C 2, DC 10 into the magic loop. Sinch the tail to make the circle tight. SS into the first DC. (11)

  • R2: C 2, DC INC in every stitch (2 DC in every stitch). SS into first DC. (21)

  • R3: C 2, INC in every 2nd Stitch (Starting with 1DC, alternate 1 DC and 2 DC all the way around), SS into 1st DC. (31)

Step 2: Side of Hat
  • R4: C 2, in back loops only DC in every stitch around. SS into 1st DC. (31)

  • R5-R6: C2, DC into each stitch all the way around. (31)

  • R7 (Ear Holes): C 2, DC into next 5 stitches, C 12, skip next 6 stitches, DC into 7th stitch. DC into next 7 stitches, C 12, Skip the next 6 stitches, DC into 7th stitch. DC into the next 5 stitches. SS into 1st DC. (46)

  • R8 (Straps): C 1, SC into 1st stitch, SC into next 11 stitches, C 41, SS into each C. SC into next 20 stitches, C 41, SS into each C, SC into next 12 stitches. SS into first SC. (46)

Step 3: Brim of Hat
  • R9: C 2, in front loops only, INC every 4th stitch (DC 1 into 3 stitches then DC 2 into the next). (48)

  • R10: DC into each stitch around. SS into first DC (48)

  • Tie off and you are finished!

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